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About Schuller

Schüller is one of Germany’s most successful kitchen manufacturers; as well as one of the top kitchen manufacturers in the world on account of being one of the largest international kitchen exporters. Schüller are well known for their astonishing quality, precision engineering, sleek finishes and innovative storage solutions.

A Schüller kitchen is made to suit you, with international award-winning design, features and great flexibility with units able to be made deeper or shallower, taller or shorter and so on. Schüller offers an industry-leading range of top quality fronts, more than 300 different trendy designs and over 1 million combinations to suit your style and budget.

Comparing Design

Schüller designs are driven through individuality. Schüller makes their kitchen furniture tailored around you and your family with the choice of two heights of base units, two heights of plinth, five different heights of wall units and four choices in the depth of your base and tall units at no extra cost therefore not having to compromise in design or functionality of your kitchen.

Ease your daily kitchen routine by selecting the fitting working height to suit you through Schüller’s three different carcase heights in combination with the two worktop thicknesses of 1.6 / 3.9 cm and the 7 plinth heights of 5–20 cm. The height of raised electrical appliances, internal drawers and pull-outs or wall units with lift-up doors that close electrically are also essential to make your kitchen routine that much easier.

Visual appeal is a very important element in Schüller kitchens, but it is far from their only concern. Designs for practical aspects such as equipment, ergonomics and the quality of the kitchen contain equal importance, Schüller kitchens will not only look the part but will act the part for at least 15 years.

Schüller have designed how to stay organised, save space and have your daily needs at an arms reach through impressive innovative solutions to make your kitchen run smoother depending on the type of person you are and what type of life you live.

Schüller family kitchens have everything planed with practicality in mind, storage space in the wall and base unit, handle less systems, with the choice of turning your side panel into their “OrgaWall” and have everything perfectly organised to every last detail with a place for charging, a place to keep a telephone and tablet computer, a practical newspaper holder, surface for keys and a whole lot more (even a place for the dog‘s leash.)

Everything is possible with their trend kitchens, they are diverse and individual, including rational designs and particularly elegant to subtle pastels, anti-fingerprint technology, subtleness, black replacing white and so on. Gourmet kitchens are designed to make socialising an ease with a wine bar in the kitchen, a variety of panel systems, glass display cabinets with everything organised and perfectly placed for practical convenience. Their urban kitchens are often smaller which they have impeccably resolved through open shelf units, soft pastel shades and fronts veneered in real wood to make narrow kitchens look bigger. Options for a natural kitchen are glass cabinets, rounded counters, a timeless country style and so on.

Any Schüller slab doors can be handle less using grip ledges instead of the J-Profile system that most British kitchen firms use, their grip ledges come in 11 different colours so you can either have them blending in with your door or make them a feature with illuminated lights.

There is no problem if you desire strong colours or muted pastels as Schüller offer 23 satin lacquer colours to choose from with 7 different styles of doors, ranges include matt, satin, silk gloss and hi-gloss cabinetry as well as the glass-fronted, veneered and solid wood doors.

Comparing Quality

Schüller confidently manufactures top quality kitchens and proves it with a 5-year warranty on any kitchen furniture parts. Large in-house productions, endless product developments, thorough quality control and efficient suppliers are how they assure quality to their satisfied clients nationally.

Schüller have certifications for their product qualities so that your kitchen will give you lasting pleasure for even longer, not a single detail escapes their trained engineers when it comes to ensuring constant quality.

Schüller ensures constant high quality through concealed metal wall-unit mounts with locking screw to ensure enormous load-bearing capacity, Sturdy carcase cross members made of solid wood to increase stability, Shelves in a thickness of 1.9 cm to provide a particularly high load-bearing capacity and are dimensionally stable, Pull-outs provide a dynamic load capacity of 40 and 70 kg, fronts tested for their behaviour in dry heat and high humidity, the soft closing element integrated in the hinge gently closes the doors, Carcase rear panels glued to the side panel are coated on both sides to prevent damage from moisture, Rear and side panels screwed and glued together for greater stability, Shelves are fixed in place with a retaining pin, plinth sealing profile invisibly mounted in the shadow gap prevents the collection of dirt and Height-adjustable plinth feet for optimum stability.

Schüller has created a unique draw and pull out system which perfectly unites the values of appearance, quality, functionality and ease of assembly through decades of shared experiences as well as a tall unit system which fits fridge-freezers, has space for air circulation, a double shelf on the bottom side of the appliance tall unit to the rear where it can rise whilst at the same time cooling the back side of the device and has no disturbing ventilation grille in the plinth panel.

Comparing Value

Schüller is a German kitchen manufacturer which is going to be more expensive than a British kitchen but this is because Schüller pays attention to the small details to make a kitchen high quality, you can buy a cheap British kitchen that may look expensive but the system and attention to detail is going to be cheap resulting in a kitchen which won’t last half as long as a German kitchen would resulting in buying that kitchen twice.

If you’re looking for a Schüller Kitchen Suppliers UK then please do not hesitate to contact our team and we will help you start your journey to a new living and dining space.


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